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‚ÄčKevin M. Godfrey - Appraisals & Sales

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The team

Kevin's youngest brother, Kollin started helping Kevin in 2010 with appraisals and sales and learned the business the hard (and dirty) way.  Being the youngest he is generally in charge of things that no one else wants to do like crawling in storage units, attics and basement crawlspaces.  He is excellent with customers and is in charge of all loading and delivery.

The youngest member of the team specializes in unpacking boxes and then repacking them and then taking the items and running away.  She is also an excellent sweeper.  Voted VIP 2 years in a row.



Kevin started working for insurance companies back in 2005 and has personally appraised and sold more than $100M throughout the country.  Andrea joined him in 2010 and they've worked side-by-side ever since, getting married in 2013 and branding Henry Laurent in 2015.

Kevin: Appraisals, Sales, Business Development
Andrea: Client/Customer management, research 



Kevin's youngest sister, Kerrilyn has taken over the managing role of staffing and sale-prep coordination.  She is currently enrolled at St. Joseph's College finishing up her BA in Art History.

Kerrilyn continues to develop her client and appraisal skills and will take over Henry Laurent when Kevin & Andrea switch to the online platform full-time.

Kevin & Andrea

Kevin's younger sister, Kristin has worked with Kevin over the last 10 years.  Kristin is a social worker at Mather Hospital and excels with customer service and helping client's day-of-sale. 

Kristin and her husband Zach will be welcoming their first child in June, 2017.


Jesse is a professional event planner by day and estate sale champion by night.  Working directly with the rest of team Jesse excels at organizing, cleaning and set-up.


Jack has worked with us for the last 2 years as security, problem-solver and overall great guy.  

Jack graduated from the Merchant Marine Academy and works in NYC at a shipping brokerage firm, specializing in logistics.

From our family to yours ... Thanks for choosing Henry Laurent Estate Sales!