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an EXCLUSIVE EstatE SALE Company


Furniture is one of the most sought after items at an estate sale.  Due to the ranges in quality and price we spend hours organizing, researching and placing values on each piece in the home.  

For certain pieces that are from popular designers or have extra-ordinary value we recommend using our online estate sale format for the highest possible return.  

We make notes at our initial consultation on any pieces that require special consideration.

We specialize in selling entire collections, such as:

  • Art Work
  • Books
  • Records - Music
  • Militaria 
  • Vintage advertising

Our buyers will travel a hundred miles for a quality sale with quality goods, especially when we advertise jewelry, art work and designer clothing and accessories.

We stage your items like an upscale boutique which generates excitement and interest throughout our network.

These items are often considered the most important draw for an estate sale.

Working with exclusive dealers throughout the Tri-State area we advertise your vehicle to a large pool of qualified and eager buyers.

For classic or vintage cars we work directly with high end dealers to prep your car for special showings or for auction.

Cars are usually left on site for the sale and if no acceptable bids or offers are made the car is moved and stored until it can be sold.


Luxury Items


High End Furniture

specialty items - Estate sales in new york, New Jersey & Connecticut

  • Chinese and Japanese artifacts
  • Pre-columbian pieces
  • Ephemera
  • Clothing
  • Watches